3 November 2008 - Halloween in the Big Apple

Hey guys

So last friday was Halloween everywhere, but for some reason it's only really celebrated in America (North and South so I'm told). And I have no idea why we don't do this stuff in Australia, it is a great party! In NYC the whole city dresses up (there are 100m lines outside costume stores for a week before) and its like a city wide Gothic dance party.

Being a Halloween virgin, I was told I had to see the parade and as a dork I somehow ended up walking in the parade, which was kinda fun and I was in costume so not everyone knew I was a dork. The rest of the night was spent partying and drinking like it was leavers again (but gothic leavers!) and somehow I didn't get into too much mischief but I did wake up in my bed with my shoes on, so it must have been good.

Happy Halloween!


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