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Trev and Jen Vs Europe

5 June 2006 - Freak Out!

hey team

Im back home again now in sunny Perth, Australia and its a total freakout to be back. Everything is super familiar and I feel as if I never left and my entire trip was some sort of crazy sleeping pill induced dream. So its a bit strange, but its great seeing my family again and its gonna be great to see my friends soon too.

In saying that, I will be at the farm until thursday now dudes, so drinks will have to be around then I guess.

Highlights of the trip home: jetskiing in Florida Keys and walking the grand canyon with Kanako.

Lowlights of the trip home: leaving the trek america team in LA. oh and LA - what a dive!

so yeah, now Jen and I are both home (well, she is in Tailand now - lucky little monkey) the adventure is pretty much over. I think this will be the second last post here; the last post will include my New Zealand photos and a final farewell. oh god - I'm so emotional right now! boo hoo.

until next time kids
stay in school


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11 June 2006 - by Juan

Trev, glad you reached home safe, dude!
The pubs in London are quite different now that your ass is gone. A bit quieter... and that's a bad thing! :P
Ciao, and hellos from Cristina 2 :)

7 June 2006 - by dylan

wow it must be surreal - and mind-expanding. although uk is pretty body-expanding as i have found.

5 June 2006 - by kings

omfg trev! get your ass over to my place for a beer.

i was on here last night wondering when the heck you'd be back!

i totally agree with you about crazy dream - im feeling the same way.

gimmie a call


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