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Trev and Jen Vs Europe

28 June 2006 - Jen and Trev will self destruct in 5...4...3...2...

Well kids, the sad day has finally arrived: Trev and I can no longer afford to pay the monkeys whose kinetic energy kept Jen and Trev vs Europe online. Damn you, cyclone Larry!!!...As such, Jen and Trev vs Europe is saying arrivederci, au revoir, adios and adeus.

It all started in February 2004 and has taken us to 58 cities in 20 countries and 4 continents (and they were only the ones we remembered to take our cameras to!). Now we're finally "home" - and a whole lot smarter, a little bit fatter, a couple of years older, and muchas poorer. :)

We've seen the sights and had delights on every foreign shore (well, Trev's had more delights on foreign shores, ifyouknowwhatimean ;) ;) ). There's been weddings; funerals; crazy, cat-wielding grandmas; tattoos (both military and skin-based); pizza from vending machines and a run in with a psychiatric hospital. But for now, it's time to knuckle down and get a job so we can stop mooching off the parents. ha! never!!

Anyhoo, it's been a long and winding road...and I get car sick, so I'll just leave you with this final pearl of wisdom: winners don't use drugs!!

Signing off,

Captain Jen


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5 June 2006 - Freak Out!

hey team

Im back home again now in sunny Perth, Australia and its a total freakout to be back. Everything is super familiar and I feel as if I never left and my entire trip was some sort of crazy sleeping pill induced dream. So its a bit strange, but its great seeing my family again and its gonna be great to see my friends soon too.

In saying that, I will be at the farm until thursday now dudes, so drinks will have to be around then I guess.

Highlights of the trip home: jetskiing in Florida Keys and walking the grand canyon with Kanako.

Lowlights of the trip home: leaving the trek america team in LA. oh and LA - what a dive!

so yeah, now Jen and I are both home (well, she is in Tailand now - lucky little monkey) the adventure is pretty much over. I think this will be the second last post here; the last post will include my New Zealand photos and a final farewell. oh god - I'm so emotional right now! boo hoo.

until next time kids
stay in school

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21 May 2006 - Im alive!!

Hey sports fans

Great news! Im alive in New Zealand and not too jet lagged (yet). But more importantly I finally found an internet cafe that wasnt crap so I can upload lots of pix. Enjoy!


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